Bow River Capital’s EVERGREEN STRATEGIES team is focused on constructing investor-friendly private market solutions designed for long-term capital appreciation. These investment structures generally provide immediate private market exposure for investors on a diversified basis with limited liquidity.

The Bow River team has hands-on experience managing complex evergreen private market portfolios and registered funds. Aksia TorreyCove, one of the world’s largest private market consultants, is working with Bow River’s Evergreen Strategies team to enhance deal sourcing and investment research capabilities.

Portfolio Uses

Private Equity Exposure

Evergreen solutions are designed to provide private equity access to individual investors and can be used by institutional investors to get immediate exposure while they implement a longer-term solution.

Asset Allocation Management

Evergreen strategies can help investors tactically allocate to private equity as well as maintain a target allocation to private markets over time.

Potential for Better Investor Behavior

The semi-liquid nature of evergreen strategies creates a longer-term investor perspective and can protect against panic selling during a market decline.

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The portfolio companies selected for these case studies are a sampling and have been chosen solely based on objective non-performance-based criteria and are intended solely to illustrate the breadth and depth of Bow River Capital’s investment strategies and experience. It should not be assumed that any future investments will be profitable or will equal the performance of the investments identified above. The reader should not assume that an investment mentioned above is or will be profitable. Past performance is not indicative of future results.