Adpro Joins Prosci to Become Prosci Canada

Representatives from Prosci, Inc., and AdPro Change Systems announced this week that AdPro is joining the Prosci family and will become Prosci Canada.

Prosci is a leader in the change management discipline, providing benchmarking research and world-renowned change management training programs, tools and certifications. AdPro is Prosci’s Primary Affiliate in Canada and the exclusive provider of open enrollment programs in the market. The two organizations are coming together to create a combined entity that will provide Prosci-branded training, research and change management solutions across North America and the Caribbean.

“As one of Prosci’s top performing global partners, AdPro has an unrivaled record of deliveringthe highest quality training experiences,” explains Prosci President Allison Seabeck.

“With this closer partnership, Prosci will enhance its client support capabilities and further grow its capacity to deliver on enterprise-level change solutions in Canada and beyond. Prosci Canada and Prosci together will build on our individual strengths and shared values to become a greater unified organization.”

AdPro was founded in 2009 by Kirk Sievert, who was at the time a member of the Prosci research and instruction team and is now AdPro’s CEO. An original member of Prosci’s Global Affiliate Network, AdPro was established with the objective of supporting and growing the Canadian change management market. Kirk Sievert, along with AdPro’s team of executive facilitators, have experienced tremendous success through a dedication to quality service delivery and lasting client relationships.

Kirk comments, “With the continued growth in demand across Canada for change management training and advice, becoming Prosci Canada will give AdPro and our Canadian clients direct access to Prosci’s suite of training programs, licensed methodology, special events and seminars on the most recent change management research and tools.”

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