Location: Phoenix, AZ

Industry: Infrastructure Services

Midstate Energy is an independent provider of comprehensive development, design and engineering services relating to infrastructure upgrades and energy efficient, asset sustainability solutions to the K-12 and municipal market in Arizona. Midstate Energy principally utilizes the performance contracting model and arranges external financing tied to the savings generated by the project. Energy savings are typically realized through the installation and use of energy efficient, updated equipment and controls, promoting long-term electricity and water conservation initiatives. In addition, the Company’s service team provides project-based work and performance under maintenance agreements.


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Location: PHOENIX, AZ


Urban Energy Solutions was founded in 2005 as a HVAC controls and electrical contracting business. The company is a leading integrator of energy management systems, including HVAC controls, lighting, solar, and battery storage. Urban supports numerous leading construction partners, provides comprehensive energy management solutions direct to owners and manages projects under performance contracts.