OUR INVESTMENTS in private equity span a diverse set of industries, but at their core, are based on a similar set of fundamental attributes. We seek to partner with management teams and founders that have a demonstrated track record of success. We strive to unlock value by identifying great companies that have the ability to be excellent through both financial and operational growth.

We are attracted to prospective investment opportunities across a variety of industries that possess strong products or services, a defined market niche, and the potential for significant growth in revenue and cash flow.

Investment Criteria


Revenue of $10 to $100 million


EBITDA of $3 to $15 million


U.S. Rocky Mountains, Midwest, Southwest, and Canada


Majority Recapitalizations

  • Industriesof Interest
  • Business
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
    Services & Products
  • Infrastructure
    Services & Products
  • Niche
  • Value-Added

The securities identified and described above do not represent all of the securities purchased, sold, or recommended for client accounts. The reader should not assume that an investment in the securities identified was or will be profitable. The portfolio companies presented on this page have not been selected for presentation based on performance-based criteria. Specifically, the portfolio companies presented represent two major themes: 1) portfolio companies in which Bow River purchased a controlling interest and 2) investments made with Bow River’s Canadian investment partner, Lex Capital Management. These investments may or may not represent controlling interests possessed by Bow River. Bow River has opted to highlight Lex Energy Partners as this is anticipated to be a substantive portion of Bow River’s energy investments for the foreseeable future.