Our Story.

Founded in 2003, Bow River Capital is a private investment firm based in Denver, Colorado. The partners formed Bow River Capital following several years of successfully investing their own monies with a long term vision of building a world class, diversified investment management platform committed to the lower middle market. Collectively, we have deployed capital into diverse industries and across the capital structure.


Our founders have been investing together since the firm’s inception, providing strategic direction and continuity as Bow River Capital continues to evolve to this day. The combination of our varied experience has cultivated professional depth within our organization, akin to the very merits of a team that we seek to invest behind.

Bow River Capital Advantage.

Bow River Capital has developed a comprehensive strategy to effectively identify, execute, and close transactions in order to manage promising investment vehicles. To best serve our clients and our portfolio companies, we rely on our expertise in the areas of accounting, capital markets, due diligence, deal sourcing, transaction structuring, and execution. Our organizational efficiency and transactional experiences allow us to respond quickly to investment opportunities as they arise. While we apply an extensive due diligence process to every investment, we have not forgotten the importance of “gut feel” when it comes to the final investment decision.

Partnering with Bow River Capital.

It’s simple. When we purchase a company or assets, we are investing in the people that have shaped the business and contributed to its current success. We prefer to keep existing management in place as owner-operators and shareholders. We align ourselves early on through strategy development, long term planning, and economic incentives. We offer all of our managers the opportunity for a meaningful stake going forward thereby ensuring motivation and rewarding success. We also require our investment team members to be heavily invested in the firm’s funds, further solidifying our commitment to our investors and our managers.

We work on strategy and creating value even before the deal closes. Our team offers guidance and assists management with financial and operational challenges while proactively monitoring performance and the investment cycle. We invest our financial and human capital alongside committed teams with the ultimate goal of funding growth and generating incremental equity value for our investors.

In monitoring company and/or asset performance, we ultimately plan for a successful exit through a sale to another investment firm or strategic acquirer. Our typical investment holding is three to seven years.

At Bow River Capital, we strive to help make our companies better while preserving the entrepreneur’s legacy. This simple but important strategy allows our team to create perfect alignment between our investors, our portfolio companies, and Bow River Capital.

Guiding Principles.

Since its founding, our firm has adopted a set of core values that we believe embodies who we are as partners. They are reflected across the organization in every manner and ingrained in our employees’ professionalism and commitment.

  • Client Focused

    Client Focused

    We exist to serve our clients, making the most of their investments and striving to provide the greatest possible value. Our clients’ loyalty and trust in our services is of utmost importance. We work daily to uphold that trust by striving to provide excellent investment returns and collaborating with our business partners to create the ultimate client experience. The trust we place in our clients, investors and partners also extends to our own team. We thereby create a culture of mutual respect and teamwork that translates into an empowered workforce and, ultimately, more satisfied clients.
  • Constant Improvement

    Constant Improvement

    Constant evolution and innovation are necessary to anticipate and respond to the fluid needs of clients, employees, and our industry. “Good enough” is never good enough for us, and we continually reflect on our actions to improve the innovative solutions we provide. Our acceptance of new ideas and different perspectives keeps us on the cutting edge of our industry and, in combination with a culture of lifelong learning, positions us far ahead of the competition.
  • Integrity & Honesty

    Integrity & Honesty

    Our every action is built on a foundation of morals and values. No matter whom we interact with or what the situation, we hold ourselves individually accountable and collectively responsible to maintain the highest ethical standards. Transparency is a commitment, and accountability is a must. Clients place their trust in us because they know that honesty and integrity is our guarantee, not an empty promise.
  • Vibrant Company Culture

    Vibrant Company Culture

    At Bow River Capital, we don’t live to work, we love to work. Our team enjoys the satisfaction of challenging work but knows how to have fun at the same time. Our well-trained and exceptional employees from diverse backgrounds create a collaborative environment that encourages growth, creativity and improvement. We provide the opportunity for our employees to achieve and expect them to rise to the challenge. We recognize and reward our employees for achievement, treat them with fairness and respect, and encourage the open exchange of ideas and opinions.
  • Humility


    Mistakes are inevitable, but solutions must be intentional. At Bow River Capital, we acknowledge our missteps and learn from them, becoming better, more adept professionals in the process. By exuding humility, rather than arrogance, we earn the trust and respect of our business partners. We apply this humility to other areas of our professional lives and strive to be outstanding corporate citizens, dedicated to giving back to our local communities, our political systems, and not-for-profit organizations.
  • Adaptive to Change

    Adaptive to Change

    We recognize that the world is a constantly changing place. We seek to address this fact by leveraging technology to the advantage of our portfolio companies, and to constantly monitor trends in order to exploit inefficiencies in the market. We also believe it is important to recognize companies that demonstrate sustainability, integrity, and exhibit a commitment to giving back to the community through a variety of different channels. Adhering to these principles will allow Bow River Capital to proactively adopt change by reinventing our strategies when we identify a disruption in the market.
  • Passion for Excellence

    Passion for Excellence

    Our goal is to exceed expectations, not just meet them; to be exceptional, not just acceptable. We encourage each employee to be his or her best and we foster this passion for excellence through a culture that promotes continual learning, respect and inclusion, engaged empowerment, leadership and growth. We strive for success and uphold a promise to ourselves and our employees to grow our own business, while adhering to the highest professional standards and maintaining focus on client interests.